Paul San Miguel

Gary Gray

Sam Arispe

Donna Richmond

Veronica Alaniz

Yolanda Lynch

Fran Almendarez

Dru Arthur

Terri Arthur

David Bell

Beeville’s new bicycle club riding off on our first ride, heading from Veterans Park to LaPara Road and back.

On Saturday, June 6, 10 bicycle enthusiasts launched the new club, The Stingers Bicycle Club.

They road 20 or 30 miles from Veterans Memorial Park to Viggo Road, then to LaPara Road and back.

The club has three mandatory rules: 1. Everyone must wear helmets  2. Those 17 and younger must have a signed waiver from their parent or guardian  3. All riders must sign a waiver.

For more information, call David Bell at 287-3834, Gary Gray at 542-9970 or Natalie Arispe at 542-9743.

First Club Meeting 7/2/09


Standing from left

Pinky Garza, Ernest Garza, Rob Robinson, David Bell, Gino Chincarini, Donna Richmond, Kevin Folsom

Seated from left

Paul San Miguel, Gary Gray, Cruz Alaniz, Veronica Alaniz

The 4th of July ride!